Inspired by Nature

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Erin Stagg is best known for her lively landscape paintings of the British Columbian landscape. Erin seeks to draw her viewers into the natural world and inspire them with it’s calming energy.

Erin's art is found in private collections internationally including: Ireland, Italy, UK and USA.

"My goal is to inspire my viewers to love and protect the natural world. Our planet is one big piece of art and I feel that my job is to celebrate it.”

Erin is a Metis artist and was taught early about plants and how to use them.

“I remember my cousin and I were out in the forest playing with a knife and we cut ourselves accidentally. I was probably 9 years old. I was taught that you can remove the inner bark on a red willow, chew it up and apply it to the wound. I did this to my arm but she didn’t. My cut healed about a week faster than my cousin’s. This showed me how if I learn about nature, it can help heal me.”

As a university student, Erin studied botany and physical geography. “My education taught me a whole new side of nature. It taught me about plants and animals great and small. It showed me the interconnected web that makes up an ecosystem. I saw the world as a sacred place, desperately in need of respect.”

Erin’s goal with her art is to show an intimate look at our land, to hopefully inspire others to find a love and respect for nature.


Supporting Local Business 

Erin believes in the power of supporting local business. Her paint is made in Vancouver and her prints are produced in downtown Prince George. Support local business!

Stellar Materials

The best art starts with the best materials. Excellent paint and canvas results in a work of art that will stand the test of time.

Cheap paint fades. Cheap canvases warp.

Art made with excellent materials will be around to pass on to the future.

Giving Back

Each year Erin makes donations to causes important to her including: increasing art culture, animal rescue and environmental stewardship. 

In 2018, Erin painted a picnic table to be auctioned off to search for the cure for Cystic Fibrosis as part of the Longnecks and Stetsons Fundraiser.