Q and A / Paint Haul

Hey there!

This week I did a Q and A video that you can check out below. I also got a paint order in, which I was pretty pumped about. I didn't talk about all of my paints in the video, because boring, so I'll talk about them here.

You can watch the video here, or read below. 

First, the Q and A, there's a set of questions going around for YouTubers to answer. I was tagged by The Last Grownup in the Woods, she does educational videos trying to get people to go outside. I think her cause is a really worthy one and I love her videos. 

Onto the questions

1) Why did you start making YouTube videos?

When I was lost, not knowing what to do, I actually watched a tonne of YouTube videos, and I still do. I find it incredibly inspiring to watch people who love what they do. I find that it encourages me to keep looking and exploring my own heart. 

So, I wanted to contribute to that community and help others get inspired. I also wanted to create a wider world around my art, and make it more than just one image on Instagram. 

2) When did you start your channel?

I started my channel last year around January. It's been about a year now and I've really enjoyed it. I like to show you guys how I make what I make and now when I take breaks I have people asking me to make more videos. 

3) What is the story behind your channel name?

Well, this is pretty simple. That's just my name. My channel name used to be Erin Giesbrecht Fine Art, but when I got married I changed my name. I wanted to change because I don't actually like my maiden name, and I really like Dalan's last name. Also, Stagg is just so much easier to spell than Giesbrecht.

4) How long will you be on YouTube for?

Well, I think I'll be on here as long as it keeps being fun. This answer is kind of a cop-out because everyone says it. The truth is, if this becomes a repetitive, labour-intensive work without any enjoyment, I probably won't keep doing it. I like making videos, so once I stop enjoying it, I'll quit. 

However. I'd like to keep things interesting for myself by experimenting with different videos, editing and really just learning about this whole thing more. 

5) Do you make your own thumbnails?

Yepp, I sure do. I use Adobe Spark and it makes the whole process pretty simple. I'll probably keep using them as long as they keep being free.

6) Do you make your own intros/outros?

Yepp, even though they suck. I'd like to make a better version of my intro, though because it's kind of crappy. 

7) What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon SX40. 

Well, there we go. Now onto the Paint Haul. I also showed you guys a painting I've been working on. It's very similar to the whale painting I released last week.

I ordered this paint from Kroma Acrylics which is on Granville Island in Vancouver. I fell in love with their store when I was there in January. You can't buy their stuff in stores, which means they keep their prices low, but their quality is high. 

I'm really excited about this because my options are so limited up north and it's nice to get actually good quality paint. It makes such a big difference in what I can actually accomplish. 

I showed you guys Titanium white, Iridescent Gold and Alizarin Crimson in the video. I also picked up a bunch of earth colours. I looooove me some earth colours. I picked up yellow ochre, burnt umber and burnt sienna. Those three are always necessary in my repertoire. 

I also picked up raw titanium and zinc white. Raw titanium doesn't have the bleaching materials in it, so it looks more neutral/parchment coloured. Zinc white is more transparent, so it will have a different effect as well. 

Anyway, I'm off to go experiment with my new haul. I hope you all have a lovely week.


Submit some questions for me to answer in an upcoming video. Just comment down below or on the YouTube video. 

Also, if you make YouTube videos, let me know! I'd like to get to know some of you. 

See ya soon,




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