What is it about rocks, that we love so much?

You know the feeling, when you're walking along a beach and a bright colour in the sand grabs your attention. You bend over to pluck this bright colour from the ground and for a moment, you stand and hold this smooth pebble in your hand. You turn it over, examining it from all sides while flecks of colour captivate your eye. The cracks spreading through this perfect piece of art make it all the more beautiful.

I've always loved collecting rocks, even as a child. I would make my mom carry a pail to hold all my rocks in. After the pail got full, she would start tossing rocks out as I gave her new ones. I just couldn't get enough. It's not that I wanted to lay in a bed of rocks, or anything. It's just that they're all so different.

That rock I just picked up might have been red, but that was a reddy-orange and this one is a reddy-purple! This one is a volcanic rock, filled with holes and pits, and that other one is smooth.  They're totally different!

Even as I grew up, I still carried that fascination with rocks. I would walked along the beach and collect them when I was camping with my family. I still remember sitting in a stream with my boyfriend, now husband, as we were going through the rocks to find one special enough to take home. I found a few. When we got home, I put them in the fish tank, so I could see them all wet , shiny and colourful.

You see, it's no accident that we have incredible rocks here in BC. When I was in university, I studied rocks for awhile and one of the first things they show you is a map of Canada. Now, if you look at a map of bedrock of the rest of Canada, it's pretty boring, pretty much all the same colour. Then, when you get to BC, it looks like a rainbow exploded all over our province. It turns out that BC is actually a bunch of former Pacific islands squished onto the edge of the Canadian shield. Mix that up with some volcanoes, and all of a sudden you have a recipe for a land where Erin can find a rock for every colour of the rainbow.

So, all of that added up to me, walking along a street in Vancouver, and a bright bit of colour caught my attention.

It was raining, and this rock garden filled with colourful, rounded pebbles brought me back to my childhood. If I had a pail to fill with rocks, I'm sure it would have been overflowing, each pebble was just so unique. Instead, I settled for a picture and continued on my journey.

When I came back home and posted this picture on social media and asked you all to vote, you chose these pebbles.

I cropped a little part of a large picture of rocks, and started painting them. I was true to each of the rocks in the picture. I tried my best to capture their character, colour, shape and smoothness. I even added some acrylic medium to make them a bit shiny. My favourite rocks have to be this green one with the gold lines running through it, this pink one in the corner and this blue one here. Of course, I actually love them all.

This painting is called "Pebbles". I painted it with acrylic paint on a stretched canvas 16 inches by  20 inches in size.

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