4 Clever Ways to Decorate with Removable Wall Vinyls

4 Clever Ways to Decorate with Removable Wall Vinyls

March 23, 2021

The popularity of wall vinyls is on the rise because of the customizable look, affordability and easy application. They're cheaper than a paint job, easy to switch out for a new look and don't damage the walls. 

1) Renters

Removable wall vinyl stickers are renter friendly because they won't damage the paint. Are you moving soon? No problem. These removable wall vinyls can come with you and be applied to the walls in your new space. 

2) Kids' Room

Let your child decorate the walls in their room and express their imagination. Kids can play by moving their stickers and creating new scenes. As your kids grow, these damage free wall stickers can be switched out so their room can change with them. These cheery wildlife themed wall vinyls can be wiped down, removed and reapplied with ease. 

3) Bathroom 

Unlike a framed piece of art, wall vinyls are a great way to decorate the bathroom because they don't provide a place for mildew to hide. They're easy to remove when you need to wipe down the walls and you can reapply them without problems. 

4) Kitchen 

Have boring white cupboards like me? New cupboards or a paint job can be really expensive, but a wall vinyl can add some colour and life to your kitchen without the costly renovation bill. 

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