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These adorable photos will serve as my inspiration for the painting of this adorable puppy. Those ice blue eyes, soft white fur and adorable brown nose are just too much. I can't handle the cute. I love these poses, but I also looked for some different poses that I like (below). My favourite is the light puppy looking up. I'll be using the basic structure and then change them to fit Chelsea's puppy. In order to fit in his red collar, I'd change it a bit so that you can see his neck. 

pose 3.jpg

Step 1 - Draw onto canvas

I transferred over the image onto the canvas so that I can better capture the position of the facial features. I altered the photo so you could see the lines on the canvas. 








Step 2 - First coat of paint

I have the first coat of paint down. This will just give you the idea of the colours, placement and general feel. 

I'm not liking the way that I have the circles in there, so I will probably change that. 

I have the nose most of the way done, I'll add a few more subtle layers that no one will ever notice, except me. 
I love the demon eyes that Magnus has right now but I'll probably change that soon so that he has a soul. 

This is a great opportunity to change things before we get serious. So, tell me what you think! Be honest! :) 


2017-09-15 16.07.24.jpg
2017-09-15 23.12.45.jpg

Step 3 - Giving a soul to Zombie Dog

I added detail into the eyes and some hair so it looks less like there's a eyeball floating in a sea of undefined fur. 

I also added in some shading. I'm going to be using a technique called glazing, which is where I add layer after layer in order to create a really realistic looking technique. 
I added in some individual hairs around the eyes, but I won't be doing that for the whole head for a couple reasons. The first is that it would take me a lifetime. The second is that it doesn't actually look that good if you paint every hair. It looks better if you focus effort in certain areas where our eyes are drawn. 

Step 5 - Paint a place to put all the dog treats

I started off with a nice healthy tongue which wants nothing more than to lick the faces of people bending into awkward angles to escape. 

Next, I added in some little puppy teeth. These teeth look much different than adult teeth, but since we're painting puppy Magnus, I don't see a problem. Then, I added in the gums and lips. Magnus has reddy-brown lips (at least, I think that's what you call that part of a dog's mouth), so I tried to colour match as best as I could. When I meet Magnus I'll make sure that my colours are correct. I'll wait until I'm almost done for that, though. 


Step 6 - Paint the hair that will inevitably coat your FURniture

Okay, I admit it. I googled fur puns and that was the best I could come up with. You can just stop reading here...

2017-09-18 16.03.00.jpg

Today we started with a really dirty magnus. It looks like he's been getting into the dirt, but I'm adding in bone structure. I added in some small hairs over top, just to start the texture. I only used one colour to paint in the hair texture, so I'll use glazing (adding thin layers of paint) to get them to be the right colour. 

I also painted his sweet little ear and I added some more circles to the background. I want to keep layering them and make it look like a blurred background. 

Step 7: Paint Muzzle and define the fur

I finished adding detail into the muzzle and I added additional shading to the fur. He looks even dirtier than before, but he's not staying that way. I need to put another coat just evening out his fur. That said, I also need to come and meet Magnus so that I can get all the last details right! 


Step 8 - Colour Check

Earlier today I told my husband, "I have to go and meet a dog in a park. For work." 

I met Magnus and he is such a handsome and loving little devil. I adjusted some of my colours and will continue to tweak them in small ways. However, I am extremely interested in hearing the colours corrections that you have. So, take a close look and let me know what needs to be adjusted and we'll make it happen! :) 

Step 9 - Final Colour Checks

I was sending pictures back and forth earlier today with Chelsea and we are about there! These are the changes that we went through.

Final Product