(Group Painting on one canvas)

(Group Painting on one canvas)

I forgot to take a picture of my friends and I painting, so I found this stock photo of people laughing. Close enough, right?

I forgot to take a picture of my friends and I painting, so I found this stock photo of people laughing. Close enough, right?

Everyone paints the same canvas, all supplies are included.

No instructor required!

Each canvas is totally unique.

Work at your own pace, with as many drinks as you want. It’s your day!

Unbox your inner artist

How does it work?


Erin provides a canvas with an intricate hand-drawn sketch for your group to fill in, like a colouring book. Your canvas will be ready to hang on a wall, a wonderful memento of your time together.

Let the design do the work. The one-of-a-kind design will take the pressure off of painting and makes it as easy as possible.

It doesn’t require an instructor, so you can paint at your own pace!

  1. Book at least 2 weeks in advance

  2. Receive your canvas and supplies

  3. Get your friends together

  4. Paint at your own speed

The whole experience is very fun because you get to determine how you’d like it to be!

What do we paint?


This painting is designed to have an abstract look with bright colours. It’s not meant to be realistic.

So, here are some elements that you can choose to add. Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. Have your painting more feminine or masculine, it’s up to you.

  • animals (bear, zebra, deer, hummingbirds etc.)

  • floral patterns

  • geometric shapes

  • nerdy references (Star Wars? Zelda?)

  • landscapes

What’s the cost?


The cost is based on the size of canvas. The canvases are long, enabling multiple people to sit around them.

12 x 24 (2-4 people) - $200

12 x 36 (4-6 people) - $250

12 x 48 (6-10 people) - $350

What’s Included?


In your pack you will get:

  • a long canvas with a one-of-a-kind, detailed, hand-drawn sketch on it

  • 5 colours of vibrant artist quality paint, specifically chosen to give very vibrant and unique colours (like featured in photo).

  • a small pack of brushes

  • an instructional video

  • a list of other materials required (eg. cups, paper towel etc.)

  • free delivery in Prince George city limits

Where do you get the price from?


This is what goes into the price

  1. It takes hours to draw out the design, by hand. The design is one of a kind and never duplicated.

  2. The paint is artist quality. You get 5- 60 ml tubes of paint. All of the colours are specifically chosen to provide vibrant colour mixes that are all fun and unique.

  3. Oddly shaped canvases are a bit more expensive than regular shapes. However, we use these long shapes because multiple people can sit around the canvas and work on it at the same time, without it being so large that it will take you a lifetime to finish.

Is this like Paint-by-numbers?


Not quite. It’s actually a lot more like a colouring book, where you have freedom to choose your colours and play around.

What do I need for hosting?

  • Good lighting - this is important (even lamps help!)

  • A table and chairs that fits everyone

  • Basic Supplies:

    • paper towel

    • cups for brushes

Things I learned from painting my giraffe

  • Being nervous at the beginning is totally normal

  • Include some instructions on mixing paint

  • It’s pretty easy to pick up, even for people who ‘aren’t artists’

  • Take breaks often, have plenty of snacks

  • Don’t worry about finishing it all in one go.

  • Do the background last.

  • Have fun!


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