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Prince George, BC


Guest Painting Party

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Let's Paint!


So you’ve been invited to a Painting Party and now you’re here. I’m sure you’re asking yourself if you even want to do that.

No worries. Erin specializes in teaching total beginners.

As a teacher, Erin is very laid back. These painting parties are a guided lesson. There’s a good mix of instruction and personal freedom. Come and be yourself.

What is a Painting Party?


Erin is going to teach you to paint something. It’s just that simple.

No, you don’t have to know how to paint.

No, you don’t have to be ‘artistic’.

Yes, we provide all the supplies!

What to Bring


Just bring yourself and your fabulous positive attitude. Leave that voice that tells you that ‘you can’t’ at home!

Wear clothes you can get paint on. We’re not responsible if you get paint on your clothes, so don’t wear your brand new white dress unless you want paint on it.



The cost is $50/person and includes all of the painting supplies that will be needed and an instructor. 

Guests can get $5.00 off their ticket by pre-paying in advance online. Use Code: PREPAY at checkout (Prince George parties only). 

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Wear clothes that you can get paint on. Erin is not responsible for any damage/injury as the result of a painting party.