Kids Painting Parties

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Encouraging young artists is a passion of Erin’s. Babysitting your children is not.

Erin paints with kids who like to paint. If you’re doing this to force your child to do something, force them into mini-golf or something else. Painting works when you want to paint.

Kids 10+

Kids do not get any special rate because kids take just as much time and use the same supplies as any adult party.

Erin offers smaller canvas sizes as an alternative option.

  • Full size (16 x 20”): $50

  • Medium (11 x 14”): $45

  • Small: (8 x 10”) $40

With all of that seriousness aside, Erin enjoys painting with children who enjoy it. Children can find a lot of joy and fun with painting. It can even become a wonderful outlet that they carry with them. Erin is very patient with children and has experience teaching children in a variety of outlets, including painting.

There’s a variety of kids painting designs that will be updated soon. In the meantime, please message me for questions.

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