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Prince George, BC


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Sacred Circle - sm jpg.jpg
Winding Through the Woods - sm.jpg
Snowshoeing through the pines - sm.jpg
Into the Forest - sm.jpg
Sea Foam Sunset - sm.jpg
Spirit Bear - sm.jpg
morning fishing - sm.jpg
Cool Down - sm.jpg

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Under the Light of the Moon - sm.jpg
Lookout Gang - sm.jpg
moose lake boating - sm.jpg
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craggy lake - sm.jpg
Stuart Lake - sm.jpg
ancient forest - sm.jpg
Autumn Camping - sm.jpg
Solar spill - sm.jpg
Athabasca River View - sm.jpg
Whitehorse Creek - sm.jpg
Water study 2 -sm.jpg
ancient forest 2 - sm.jpg
Peyto Lake - sm.jpg
Joie de vivre-sm.jpg
Afternoon Sun in the Rockies - sm.jpg
Jasper Skyline - sm.jpg
rainbow whale - sm.jpg
After the Breach-sm.jpg
sandy beach - sm.jpg
Woodland Caribou-sm .jpg
Daily Splendor-sm.jpg
Fox sm.jpg
Lynx and Hare sm.jpg
Deer sm.jpg
Polar Bear sm.jpg