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Prince George, BC


Magical Forest

Original Art

Magical Forest

Magical Forest.jpg
Magical Forest.jpg
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Magical Forest


Tall trees tower overhead with their branches revealing jewel coloured leaves. Soft yellow light spills through the forest and around a path, begging the viewer to step right in and see what is around the corner. 

Erin said, "I painted this in the depths of the Canadian winter, when I was yearning for the bright, embrace of the forest. I painted this to make you feel like you were enveloped by the forest and it's fresh, fragrant air, tall welcoming trees. I wanted it to feel just as magical as the trees themselves. The rainbow is represented in this painting, to show the spectrum of satisfaction that I find in the forest."

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  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 24" x 36", 3/4" deep
  • Free delivery in Prince George area
  • Prints available