What is a Painting Party?


All Painting Parties are permanently suspended until further notice. The date for resuming is not currently known, but it is not expected to be soon. 

If you're interested in an online class, please contact us

What is a Painting Party?

Erin will teach you how to paint something in about three hours. All supplies are included. The designs are different all the time, so be sure to pay attention to the party photo.

But make sure to wear clothes that you can get paint on! Don't show up in your brand new white shirt or sister's favourite dress unless you want to get paint on them.

Come and be yourself.

Who is Erin?

Erin Stagg is a local artist from Prince George, BC. She's been teaching Painting Parties since 2016 and has taught hundreds of people from various walks of life including: kids, elders, disabled adults and drunk housewives. You are welcome here.