New Baby Update + Shipping Delays

We're having a baby! October 2020!


As of writing this, we still don't have our baby in our arms, but it will be any day now. 

The shop will remain open. 

After the baby arrives, there will be some delays in shipping and pickup. We do have some help for processing and shipping orders, but regardless there will be delays. 

Shipping delay

All orders will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Expect processing to begin again mid-late October. We will be sending out packages on a weekly basis, so please don't expect it to be a next day shipping situation. 


Pickups will be available at the gift shop in Studio 2880 on 15th Ave starting in mid-October and proceeding into December. You'll get a ready for pickup message with the hours that you can drop in. 

Delay in communication

Expect delays in responses to emails and private messages on social media.

First Come First Serve Processing

I've set up a pre-order situation for metal prints and cards. Those will ship out in November so that you've got time for Christmas. If you're worried about delays, the quicker your order is in, the higher in line it will be. 


Commissions no longer have time guarantees on it. Meaning, I cannot guarantee you'll get your commissioned painting by Christmas. If you're okay with that, proceed with booking your commission. They operate on a first come first serve basis as well. The sooner your deposit is in, the higher in line you are. Prices and info on commissions can be found on the commission page