Painting Parties


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What is a Painting Party?

1) Choose your painting experience

2) Erin leads a painting demonstration

3) You take home your painting at the end of the night

Erin will teach you how to paint something in about three hours. All supplies are included. Choose a design based on ease, colours, subject or based on time constraints.

But make sure to wear clothes that you can get paint on! Don't show up in your brand new white shirt or sister's favourite dress unless you want to get paint on them.

Come and be yourself.



New Bookable Party Experiences

Intuitive Art
Kids' Painting
Beginner Acrylics 

Intuitive Art 

This special experience is for those who have experienced grief, anxiety, loss and are in need of healing. This low-stress painting party is a guided journey through the process of creation. In this party the goal is not to create a specific thing, but to allow the intuitive side to be unleashed. This process has been described as 'therapeutic and calming. All of this is accomplished in a safe, calm environment. 
Time: 3 - 3.5 hrs 

Kids Painting

Give the kids something creative to do inside this winter. Choose from our kid friendly designs, or request something special for your loved one. Affordable smaller canvases available.

Time: 2 - 2.5 hrs

Cost: $35 - $40


Beginner Acrylics

This three part series will teach you the basics of acrylic painting, including: colour theory, the fundamentals of art, composition and more. This is the class to get you levelled up from painting party to beginner artist. You will be painting 2 paintings/week for the first two classes and one final project in the last class. 

Completion of this program gets you cheaper admission to any of the further classes in this theme including: clouds, water, auroras, mountains and wildlife and advanced composition. 

Time: 3 parties of 3 hrs

Cost: $70/week - $210 for a limited time, $275 in 2022.

Who is Erin?

Erin Stagg is a local artist from Prince George, BC. She's been teaching Painting Parties since 2016 and has taught hundreds of people from various walks of life including those with no experience, kids, teens, elders, adults, those with disabilities and more

art is for everyone