Private Painting Party FAQ


What is a Painting Party?

  • Painting Parties are 3 hour long parties where Erin will teach total beginners how to paint something.
  • No painting experience needed!
  • Attend a party in your home or in Erin's studio



Erin's Studio 

Minimum #: 3 people, Maximum  #: 8 people


  • Small Canvas (11 x 14") approx 2.5 hrs - $45
  • Regular Canvas (16 x 20") approx 3 hrs - $50
  • Guests book early and get $5 off, use code: PREPAY

Your Home

Minimum #: 3 people, Maximum#: 8 people

* Attendance limited to 50% of the capacity of the space. Eg. if your table fits 6, we max out at 3).


  • Small Canvas (11 x 14") approx 2.5 hrs - $50
  • Regular Canvas (16 x 20") approx 3 hrs - $55
  • Hosts get $10 off
  • Guests book early and get $5 off, use code: PREPAY

What do I need to host?

  • Table and Chairs suitable for the amount of people (rent a table for $5 or a tent for an outdoor party for $15)
  • Space - we are operating at 50% capacity of all spaces. If you could fit 10 normally, we cap out at 5. 
    I’ll also need space to set up my standing easel so I can demonstrate the painting for you to watch. If possible, please have something for me to put my supplies on (eg. the end of the table you’re painting at, or if that’s full, a small table to the side)
  • Light - You'll need to have good lighting.  Add lamps where you need more light.
    • We recommend taking a piece of paper around the space and that will show you when there isn't enough light. You don't want light coming from behind where your painting will sit. Position lamps behind the painters.
  • Paint Splatter - this is always a possibility as beginners can make more mess and we are painting. Please move anything you don't want paint on.
    • Carpet - We try to avoid carpeted space. We can get paint out of hardwood and linoleum fairly easily, but carpet not so much. If you'd like to cover your floor, you can. We do not provide table or floor coverings.
  • Set up – a reminder that I will be setting up at least 30 minutes before the event. Please have the tables set up already to help make set up as quick as possible.
  • Parking - please let me know if there is a special parking situation. If you have a driveway, please have a space for me to park, it makes it a lot easier to pack my supplies in and out. 

  • Outdoor Parties - Yes! We can paint outside! I recommend having a covered area, in case of rain or hot sun. Please make sure that we can get water from somewhere or bring it in jugs for our brushes. Tent rental - $15, table rental $5/table, we do not rent chairs

  • Out of Town parties - If you are outside of town boundaries, there may be additional fees applied to your ticket. You can choose to have each guest pay a bit more or pay it as one fee. The fee depends on how far out you are.

What can we paint?

See Classic Painting Party designs here


 New Painting Party Experiences

Looking for something different than a typical Painting Party experience? Try one of our new offerings. 

Are supplies included?

Yes! We provide the artist quality painting supplies. Beginners often think they don't deserve anything better than dollar store supplies, but cheap supplies lead to frustration. Beginners often won't be aware that the supplies are sabotaging them.

We provide:

  • brushes
  • easels
  • canvas
  • paint
  • pallette
  • paper towel, cup, etc.

We do not provide table or floor coverings. If you'd like to cover your table we recommend: plastic table covers from the dollar store, tarps old sheets etc. Coverings are especially important for carpet.


As a result of the pandemic, food and drink are discouraged during the scheduled party time/in the party area. 

Cancellation - 

If you find you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 24 hr before your party for a full reschedule or refund

If you cancel within 5 hrs of the party, we cannot offer any refund, but can offer a reschedule

If you cancel within 1 hr of the party or during, we cannot offer any reschedule or refund.


If you are ill and presenting symptoms including, but not limited to: cough, sneezing, fever, chills etc. please do not attend. Please cancel asap. 

If you attend a party while ill, you subject the entire party to instant cancellation. 

If you have a cough/sneezing as a result of allergies, please wear a mask.

Will we get paint everywhere?

I've had parties that are perfectly clean. I've seen cups spill, paint get on walls, fireplaces and windows. I've seen paint getting tracked around the floors accidentally. Paint happens. If you're concerned about a nearby white sofa, or carpet, please make sure that it's protected. That's not my responsibility.

For cleaning, I recommend using isopropyl alcohol (when it will not react with your surface) as alcohol loosens up acrylic paint.

We are not responsible for any damage due to paint.

Please wear clothes that you can get paint on. We don't provide aprons (mostly because you can still get paint on your clothes anyway).

This is your permission slip to wear comfortable clothes.

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