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Prince George, BC


Paint Your Pet

Paint Your Pet Party

Magnus - Erin Stagg (2017)

Magnus - Erin Stagg (2017)

How does this work?

1) You send Erin the best photo that you have of your pet. 
2) Erin creates an outline for you to work with. 
3) Erin guides you through the painting. 

Why is it more expensive?

Erin will need to do a lot of pre-work for you to have a good outline to work with. Each person will get a different outline. The extra cost is for this time. 

Cost - $60 the day of the party. 


Prepay at least 3 days in advance and save $5. Use code: PREPAY

Is this even do-able for me?

Yes! With some guidance, a good outline and patience even beginners will be able to take home a finished painting of their pet. 

How many people?

There is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 for Paint your Pet parties. 

No! You can paint your own pet! 

Do we all paint the same animal?

We will be using: 

  • Artist Quality Acrylic paint
  • Synthetic Acrylic Brushes
  • 11 x 14 canvas*
  • Easel
  • Pallette
  • Cup for water
  • Paper Towel

11 x 14 canvas - will have the image of your pet sketched out ahead of time and numbered to make it easy to reproduce the image of your pet!

What supplies are included?

This is Sheri's dog, Ben. She submitted the photo and I cropped it closer to Ben's face. I transferred it over to the canvas and she painted it in. 
The better a photograph, the better the result. 

How Will it Turn Out?

  • Get low - get on the floor or ground on your pet's level
  • Portrait shots are the easiest
  • Use treats your pet to sit still and look at you
  • Get good light - Take your photo during the day or outside
  • Be Patient
  • Have a professional do it! 
  • Read more tips online
  • Take many photos and send only the best!

How can I take a good photo of my pet?

Past Parties

At each Painting Party Erin will demonstrate a painting. If you'd like Erin to demo your pet, submit it here. You'll get a 11 x 14 painting of your pet, ready to hang. 
If you want to submit your pet, you need: 

  • a great photo of your pet (clear, good lighting, nice pose) 
  • email it to with the subject line "Please Pick My Dog" (or cat, bunny etc.) 
  • cost is $80 

If your pet is chosen, you'll get an email back telling you when your pet will be painted. 
Due to the high volume of submissions, not all pets will be chosen. In order to maximize your chances, make sure that you get the best photo possible. 

If you are interested in having a commissioned pet portrait, please contact Erin for more information. 

How can I get Erin to demo my pet? 

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Photo by flik47/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by flik47/iStock / Getty Images
Paint Your Pet Party

That's right! Now, you can learn to paint your own pet! 
If you're purchasing at least 3 days before your event use code: PREPAY to get $5 off

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