Auction Item - Draft

Erin Stagg Fine Art

This is a test. 

8 x 10, acrylic on canvas, 2" thick, varnished, edges painted. Ready to hang. 

How does the auction work? 

You check out with your 'bid' for a certain price. Others can check out at a higher price and steal your bid, all without actually spending a single dime. Select E-transfer at checkout and you will not be charged. You will get an auto-reply email confirming. 

Check the website later in the day to see if you've been outbid. Once a day, in the evening, you will get an email if you were outbid. 

At the end of the auction, the highest purchase price before the time wins.

If you are the winning bid, you will get sent a link to checkout properly. Here, shipping will get added to the painting that you won. So, if you are planning to ship out, please remember that will be added to your checkout price. 
However, if you check out with the maximum price, you will be able to fully checkout right away. 


Approx. Shipping for this piece $15-$20, 


Type: Unknown Type