From Maiden to Mother

Erin Stagg Fine Art

A woman curls in a cocoon, she is pregnant and enrobed in a green and gold chrysalis. Behind her the impression of butterfly wings can be seen under the cycles of 9 moons. Beneath her a seed is germinating while flowers erupt and leaves pour water back into the ocean below. 

This image is packed in symbolism. The moon above her is not quite at full, as she is still pregnant. When the moon becomes full, the next stage will begin. 

When I was postpartum, I felt like I was pressurized, being turned to goo. It was so intense.  And now I realize it was because a transformation was taking place. 


From my Halfbreed Mother collection. 

Original is 8.5x11, acrylic on paper

Prints are in full resolution. 

Cards are 5 x 7 matte paper with archival inks and a white border and a blank interior. Great as a card for any occasion, or for framing. 

Basic prints are 8 x 10 and have some slight cropping. On a smooth 100lb cover paper and excellent image quality

Fine Art prints are 8.5 x 11 and have the full image, as created. They are on a heavyweight matte paper with superior image quality with archival inks. Framed correctly, these will last the test of time. Comes signed and with the text above printed to go along with the image. Numbered edition of 75. 

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