Mdaamin Giizis

Erin Stagg Fine Art

Mdaamin Giizis or the Corn Moon is recognized by the Anishinaabe people for it's ability to allow us to reflect on the seeds of tomorrow. Corn ripens at this time and for the people who have nurtured corn for millennia, it brings teachings with it. 

Mdaamin Giizis asks us "what seeds are we nurturing? what are the long term impacts of putting our energy here?"

This is a piece of digital art. 

Prints are 8 x 10, cards are 5 x 7".

If you purchase the digital piece of art, I'll send you a download with the full image. Please use this for personal use only - on your phone, social media, print for your personal use. No commercial use - no selling, no passing it off as your own work. 


Category: anishinaabe, corn, indigenous, indigenous art, mdaamin giizis, moon, moon cycle, moons

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