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This is my Mètis sash. It hangs on my door and reminds me of life lessons. It reminds me that I'm not one thing. When I look closer I can see that I'm woven together with my life experiences, joys and struggles. This sash helped remind me that dark times may be present, but they don't make up your whole story.

This sash was given to me by my mom, the sweetgrass by a friend, the sage and shell are from my niece. The table was built by me. We're always receiving gifts from others, some are physical items, but words can be gifts too. When we can weave these gifts into something that serves us, we're making life meaningful, we're healing and we can give gifts to help others weave their sashes. 


Metal prints offer a uniquely vibrant and sharp print which is eye-catching due to it's high gloss and contemporary design. Each one is made one at a time by a Canadian business. It comes ready to hang and framing is not required. 


Each item is made just for you. Expect a wait time of 2-3 weeks for your item to be made before it is shipped out. 


Shipping is free.  

We Love the Forest

Each print purchased will plant one tree. Our orders are now packaged without using new plastic (we reuse old plastic or use none at all). 



- we ship twice a week (Monday and Thursday)

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