Erin Stagg Fine Art

 My sister and I kneel hand in hand. I'll never forget my sister holding onto my hands while I laboured through the birth of my daughter. The tree of life sits behind us, adorned in jewel-toned leaves. When I went into labour I visited a special and sacred tree to receive good birthing energy when I began my contractions. My daughter was born at home in a loving and peaceful water birth. 

The scrip paper behind is an affidavit from one of my ancestors. The Canadian government had the Metis sign away enormous tracts of land through scrip applications. As this document shows, most Metis people were French speaking and could not read, never mind read English. My ancestor signed next to his name with an x. 

Despite this attempt to erase our cultural connections and sever us from the land, my daughter will be raised knowing her culture and traditions. She will have an inherent connection to the land that can never be severed. 


From my Halfbreed Mother collection. 

Original is 8.5x11, acrylic on paper

Prints are in full resolution. 

Cards are 5 x 7 matte paper with archival inks and a white border and a blank interior. Great as a card for any occasion, or for framing. 

Basic prints are 8 x 10 and have some slight cropping. On a smooth 100lb cover paper and excellent image quality

Fine Art prints are 8.5 x 11 and have the full image, as created. They are on a heavyweight matte paper with superior image quality with archival inks. Framed correctly, these will last the test of time. Comes signed and with the text above printed to go along with the image. Numbered edition of 75. 

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