Welcomed Home in Love

Erin Stagg Fine Art

I received instruction to paint this painting from spirit. It felt like a direct request from the spirit world, which is why it looks so different from my other work. 

It shows 215 pairs of moccasins surrounded by plants from the Kamloops area. This work is meant to bring love and honour to the spirits of the children. The way these children were treated in life does not reflect their sacred spirit. The land has held these little bodies in love, surrounding them with the sacred medicines of their people. I want to be clear that I extend this love to all who were forced to attend these schools, all who experienced cultural loss, violence, an absence of love and family, and those who died as a result of it, across Turtle Island. We know that this was not isolated to Kamloops, BC or even Canada. Residential Schools happened across all of North America. The land has and will always see the sacred in us. It connects us to our ancestors and holds us in love and sacred medicine. 

If you are an indigenous person, or purchasing for an indigenous person or IRS survivor and cannot afford a print, please contact me directly. These prints are priced to allow those who can afford to contribute to sponsor prints for those who cannot afford it. Art is meant to heal, and that is the purpose of this painting. This is a small act of decolonization, of reparation, by allowing those who connect to the healing power of art to receive it. 

Prints are priced at $650 for a 24 x 30” stretched canvas print. Shipping is included. The prints for this painting will be a numbered limited edition of 1500. 

I'm also doing a 16 x 20, giclee print in a limited edition run of 1500, priced the same way. They are available for $500.

I am donating to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. The donation will be a minimum of $100. If the art is picked up or the total allocated for shipping is not used, it will be used to increase the donation to IRSSS. 

This is how the funds from the prints will be distributed: 

  • Cost of the print (printed locally by a small business)
  • Donation to IRSSS (min. $100)
  • Sponsor a print (incl. a donation to IRSSS)
  • Shipping
  • Artist’s portion



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