Jennifer, Sarah's mother, came to me with a fantastic idea for celebrating her daughter's individuality, fierce personality and love of animals. Sarah is a wickedly awesome 10-year old with a flair for the dramatic and a love of nature. 

The plan for the painting is to have Sarah sitting on a rock, like the statue photo of the woman on the rock. Sarah will have a 3/4 turn so we can see her beautiful face. Two wolves will be sitting beneath the rock, one sitting and one laying down. The overall feeling will be a balance of realistic and dramatic. 

We're using these photos as inspiration for our painting, pulling different photos for different sections. 


Step 1 - Background

We're pulling our inspiration for the forest from the animated forest picture and from the photo of Beaver Lake with the joggers. We want the forest to be a mix between dramatic and realistic. So, I'm starting with a very light sky in order to create a great sense of contrast with the darker foreground. 

Jennifer has requested some plants native to the region including Vine Maple and Douglas Fir, using Beaver Lake in Stanley Park as the ecosystem model. However, as we start the background, it will be pretty hard to identify plants in the back. 
So, I put in some very light trees in the back using light blues in order to add a sense of depth and atmosphere. The next step will be to add the next layer of trees. I want to add in some conifers as they are such a huge part of our northern forests. 

2017-10-18 22.59.51.jpg