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Prince George, BC


What is a Painting Party?

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What is a Painting Party?

Basically, it's an evening where you gather with your friends, have some wine and Erin will walk you through a simple painting. Painting Parties happen either at your house, or at a location you set up. These parties are private and are not open to just anyone. It keeps the party intimate, fun and relaxing. 
Minimum # of guests: 4
Maximum # of guests: 30

Do I need to know how to paint?

No painting experience is needed! The entire point of a Painting Party is to enjoy the process of painting and making something with your hands. 

Can I have a party at my house?

You can have a party at your house if you have the space for all of your guests to sit in the same room around a table with the painting supplies. We need adequate light, even if it comes from lamps. Ideally this is in a room that is not carpeted. 


You can check out all of the painting designs here. Of course, I design new paintings for parties all the time. When you book your party we'll talk painting designs and you can request a new one. You can also join the Facebook group, "Wine and Painting Party HQ" to find out about new designs. 

I want to paint something awesome! What can we paint?

Yes! I'll bring everything you need to paint. 

Will you bring the painting supplies?

Yes! Drinking and painting can be a lot of fun and can even help loosen you up. Drink and food is not included in the price of the party. Potlucks are a very common way to enjoy painting and a fun night with your friends. 

Wine? You said something about wine. Tell me about the wine.