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Celebrate early spring with these fun and cheerful watercolour prints.

Bee's Breakfast - illustrates the early first foods (dandelions, pussy willows and wild roses) that welcome bees to the new season. 

Little Bee Bird - Amo Piyesis - in Nehiyawewin (Cree) the word for hummingbird translates to little bee bird, a reference to the sound that this intrepid little bird makes. Pussywillows are some of the most important food sources for this early migraters. 

Signs of Spring - while robins are building nests, the bees are awakening and searching for the first blossoms of spring. 



Printed using archival inks of matte fine art paper. These affordable prints are a convenient way to bring design into your space. 

Choose a hand-embellished print if you'd like some sparkles of gold. Erin hand-embellishes the print with golden ink to add a unique sparkle to each print.  Available until May 31 2024. 

 Mix and Match 

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Automatic discount applied at checkout. You can Mix and Match this discount with Greeting Cards and Poster Prints! 


Each item is made just for you. Expect a wait time of 3-7 business days for your print to be made. 


Lettermail shipping is free (under 100g). Shipping over $50 is free as well. 

We Love the Forest

Each print purchased will plant one tree. Our orders are now packaged without using new plastic (we reuse old plastic or use none at all). 




- we ship twice a week (Monday and Thursday)

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