About the Artist


Erin Stagg is a nationally awarded Metis artist from Prince George, BC. She is best known for her landscapes and wildlife paintings but her most famous painting is of a Metis sash and smudging bowl.

Although she now lives in Prince George, Erin grew up in the small community of Fort St. James and has a great affinity for the place and people. Living surrounded by the forest, being educated in the Dakelh culture and living in a small town has been incredibly influential in Erin’s life.

As a young adult, Erin attended Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops where she studied botany and physical geography. Her passion for the land is expressed in many ways. After school Erin pursued a traditional career as per her education and found that it was not the right path for her. Starting in 2015 Erin moved towards a career creating art.

“One of the greatest things about being an artist is that you can change and grow as a person and your art has the ability to flex and change with you. In fact, each level of change adds another interesting feature to what you create. Becoming a mother was incredibly transformative for me, as challenging as it is has been it has completely expanded my heart and my art practice.”

After beginning her journey to motherhood, Erin felt a stronger calling from her Metis heritage. Erin is Metis/Mennonite Settler. Her most recent Metis ancestors are from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. Originally they moved from Red River after the Resistance. Her ancestors have the names Piche, Poitras, Tanner, Aubichon. She is a direct descendant of Cuthbert Grant Sr. and Pierre Poitras. She is related to notable Metis names like Edouard Beaupre, once the tallest man in the world. Erin's newest work is a celebration of her heritage and motherhood. 

Erin had her first solo show in 2021 called ‘Halfbreed Mother’ at Studio 2880. She is the Artist in Residence for Studio 2880 from 2020-2022. In 2021 Erin won First Place in the People’s Choice category with the Salt Spring National Art Prize for her painting, "Metis Pride". Erin has studied under Lalita Hamill and Gaye Adams. In 2019 Erin won the Top Indigenous Business of the Year from the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. In 2022 her first illustrated children’s book will be released.

Erin’s work can be found in private collections around the world including in the US, Italy and the UK.




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