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Celebrate the arrival of spring with these beautiful watercolour stickers. I was inspired by the delicate and brave early spring animals. While the weather is tempermental, these small beings come and wake the land. Tiny bees brave the cold weather in search of blossoms. Birds travel enormous distances in search of early spring each and every year. 

I love making stickers. They're a really accessible form of art. I love to add them to my boring mugs and cups and turn them into something that I love to drink from every day. 


All stickers are printed and handmade by Erin. Vinyl stickers sealed with clear top sheet and waterproof. 

Choose from regular white stickers or holographic stickers.

Until April 24th each sticker will include hand-embellished gold paintings which glitter in the light. The stickers are covered with a clear top-coat and waterproof. 

Limited Edition holo stickers available only for the months of April and May and will be discontinued after. 


- Robin - from beak to tail just under 5" 

- Small bees (with Robin) - 1.5" 

- Medium bees (with flowers) - 2" 

- Large bees (with flowers) -  3" 

- Flowers - range from 2.5" to 3.5" 

- Hummingbirds - from beak to tail - 4.5" 

Bulk Discount 

Buy 3 - save 15%
Buy 4 - save 20%
Buy 5 or more - save 25%

Automatic discount applied at checkout. You can Mix and Match this discount with Giclees and Poster Prints! 


Each item is made just for you. Expect a wait time of 3-7 days before your item is shipped. 


Lettermail shipping is free (under 100g). Shipping over $50 is free as well. 

We Love the Forest

Our orders are now packaged without using new plastic (we reuse old plastic or use none at all). 



- we ship twice a week (Monday and Thursday)

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