Types of Prints

What types of prints are available?

Choose which print you'd like in the Print Shop based on which suits your needs and budget best! 

Glossy Poster if you:

  • want the most economical option possible &
  • want to frame
  • starts at $20

Fine Art Paper if you:

  • want to frame &
  • want a higher quality print that will last longer than a glossy poster
  • starts at $45

Metal prints if you:

  • want to just take it out of the box and hang it on the wall
  • don't want to frame
  • excellent gift option
  • starts at $95

Canvas Prints if you:

  • want something as close to the original as possible
  • don't want to frame
  • starts at $140


Glossy Paper

Perfect for small gifts. They're very economical and will require framing, but offer a great savings. They're printed in town by Papyrus, who does an absolutely lovely job on them. They're delicate, so you won't want to leave them unframed for long. 

I offer them in one size (11 x 17"), but if you contact me, I may be able to work in other sizes. These lovely prints will arrive in a rolled tube for a low shipping price of less than $15. 

Fine Art Paper

High quality paper prints that you're probably familiar with. Printed with excellent materials to get the highest quality that you can get on paper. These artisinal prints are made to order, just for you! WD West in downtown Prince George has been making prints for decades and that experience shows through in the prints they make today. 

These will need to be framed. You can see in the photo below that we are testing out frame types against the beautiful fine art paper print. 
This lovely print will arrive in a rolled tube for a low shipping price of around $15.


Metal Prints

Printed on a lustrous aluminum panel, these eye-catching prints are an excellent gift or feature piece. The best part is, you won't need to frame them! They'll arrive in a box with all the hanging hardware that you need. This makes them extremely popular. I always get questions and compliments about them in my studio and often sell out during events. Shipping is only $15!



Canvas Prints

These are a great way to get a copy that looks so good it could be the original painting. They're a bit more expensive, but you won't need to frame it, unless you want to. They're a beautiful, artisinal product that's made to order, just for you.

They come in two different depths. One is the typical depth of 3/4" which is what most paintings are. The second is 1 1/2" which will stand out from the wall more, making it a great show piece. The thicker depth is highly recommended for larger canvases, as it makes them sturdier and less likely to warp over long periods of time. 

This is the kind of print that you want in your life for a very long time. They're printed locally by an incredible printer in downtown Prince George. Expect to wait at least 2 weeks for your prints to be made before they're shipped out to you. These will be shipped in a custom made cardboard box with extra padding and protection to make sure they arrive in good condition. 


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