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The Northern Lights dance over the Valley of the Ten Peaks. This is Moraine Lake, one of the most photographed lakes in all of Canada.

When I visit this place, I imagine the sacred space that this place holds for the indigenous people of the area. It's really a remarkable place and I wonder what it was like to visit it hundreds of years ago, before tour groups and selfie sticks. This is my attempt to capture the quiet and powerful energy of these mountains.  


A canvas print is a reproduction of an original painting. Each one is a high quality archival product made one at a time  by a local small business. It comes wired and ready to hang. The edges are wrapped with the image of the painting (as seen in photos) and framing is not required. 


You can choose between thin (3/4" deep) or thick (1 1/2" deep) canvases. A deeper canvas stands out from the wall more. Larger canvases (16 x 20 and bigger) benefit from the extra stability of a deeper canvas. 


Each item is made just for you. Expect a wait time of 2-3 weeks for your item to be made before it is shipped out. 


Shipping is free.  All paintings come with tracked shipping. 

We Love the Forest

Each print purchased will plant one tree. Our orders are now packaged without using new plastic (we reuse old plastic or use none at all). 



- we ship twice a week (Monday and Thursday)

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