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Six different water-resistant beadwork-inspired floral stickers. Each flower has a different number of petals. I designed this so that I could practice counting with my young daughter. All designed and made by Erin.

Size: roughly 2.5" for the big stickers, 1" for the small pink flowers and leaves

Order the whole sheet and get the extra stickers free! - save $3

Are these stickers indigenous? 

Yes! I am Metis, an indigenous artist. These are a contemporary Metis style, meaning they're inspired by our traditional work, but they are definitely not traditional style. I'm a contemporary artist, so this is in my style. 

How waterproof are they? 

These are lightly waterproof. I've put one on my water bottle and it's washed quite nicely. It's held up for months on my mom's cell phone. However, these aren't as tough as my aurora animal stickers. 



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