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I stand depicted as a tree, pregnant with my daughter. My sister offers her love and my doula waters my roots. In the center of my roots lies a stone with the symbol of the Métis people.

I truly believe that the trajectory of my life was set during my pregnancy. I did not begin my pregnancy by thinking that it would be a spiritual experience. I could not picture beauty and light. Along the way important people came to me and I ended up on a new path. In the end, I had a beautiful birth and I found out that motherhood can be hard, grueling and exhausting. And it can be more beautiful than you could ever imagine. 


Experience the art exactly as the artist intended. This painting was created with high-quality pigments designed to stand the test of time. The painting comes framed and ready to hang. It comes with an artist statement and biography. 

Size: 8.5 x 11" (22 x 28 cm) acrylic on paper. Framed in 11 x 14"


Expect your item to ship within 3-7 business days. 


Shipping is free, with tracked shipping. 

We Love the Forest

Each painting purchased will plant one tree. Our orders are now packaged without using new plastic (we reuse old plastic or use none at all). 


- we ship twice a week (Monday and Thursday)

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