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This series has been about my Metis history, which is reflected here in blue florals influenced by the style of beadwork and Christi Belcourt. The other part of me is reflected in a bright yellow sunflower. 

Just before I began this painting, I had something else in mind and then the war in Ukraine erupted. I saw the horrors of war that have plagued my people happening once again. My Grama was born in a part of Ukraine now occupied by the Russian army. I wanted to celebrate the vibrant, tough and undefeatable people which make up both sides of my family tree. I am represented as a young green tree, growing out from the center of the sunflower. 
The eleventh painting in my collection, Otipemisewak. Otipemisewak means 'the people who own themselves' and nothing captures that more than having the courage to bloom no matter where you're planted. 


Our Greeting Cards are 5 x 7" (13 x 18 cm) printed with archival inks on high quality ultrasmooth fine art paper. Each card is signed by the artist. 

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